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Comments: Jim Mathes The middle of the Times Building lines up almost perfectly with the westbound lanes of Route 6 over the New Bedford-Fairhaven Bridge. Based on the angle of Route 6 over the bridge and the distance from the bridge, this photo was looks to have been taken from a point north and west of the Times Building. The question, as ML pointed out is, how far west of the Times Building. Now I'm wondering if the photo could've been taken from a building that used to stand in the area where the Regency Tower is located? Ml Baron On thing is for certain, the parking lot appears elevated on the east end. a building east of the NB hotel likely, perhaps across the street where the "octopus" now intersects? Jim Mathes This is before my time in NB... I moved here in 1975. I've only heard stories of the many buildings and businesses that used to be in that area. Roger Chartier Joan is correct it is just north of where RT. 6 is still today. Roger Chartier http://www.whalingcity.net/wc_images/1936_new_bedford_map_se_1700.jpg Roger Chartier I enlarged it to try to read the sign on the building in the forefront. - can't see what it says.maybe on ML's original. Joan Laferriere Akin I just emailed a copy of this to my 85 year old dad to see if he can figure it out .... Jay Simmons This photo is taken from the east side of the times building. Jay Simmons This photo was taken from the east side of the Times Building, overlooking what was Acushnet Ave. Jay Simmons The parking lot we are looking at is where the current Downtown Parking Garage is located. Paul Hadfield We took a lot of bombings on the city back then, someday they'll rebuild this city! Godspeed! Joan Laferriere Akin My dad said yes, it's north of downtown proper, and he recognized some buildings, but wasn't quite sure where the camera was. This city tore down and built up a lot since then. I still think it's a bit north of the Elm Street, but .... I could be wrong... Roger Chartier My dad is 88 and he knew the buildings nearer the river but the ones in the immediate foreground are still a mystery. My mom is 85 and she hasn't commented on it as of yet. ML, I'll put it on Whaling City.net as the mystery picture. Roger Chartier AHA! If you look through the branches of the tree you can see the old stone lighthouse at the bottom of the green going up the hill. Later after the urban renewal of the area and the Octopus being built the top of it was placed a fake looking...See More Jay Simmons My answer for this photo wasn't a guess, this was taken from the top floor of the times building. Roger Chartier In the extreme right of the photo you can see that it was taken from a window of a brick building with granite or light stone window sills. Jay Simmons I posted the photo evidence on ML's page. Roger Chartier Jay - I'd like to post it on www.WhalingCity.net. Do you mind? Jay Simmons Go for it. Roger Chartier here's what I made so far http://www.whalingcity.net/picture_1950s_mystery_view.html Roger Chartier Here's a page thanks to Jay Simmon's contribution. http://www.whalingcity.net/picture_mid_1900%27s_times_bldg.html Ml Baron Hi Everybody-I think I just bumped into another mystery photo that got solved ! The building in background of parking lot could be New Bedford Public Market? see my newly added photo . Guess The WW2 Battle atlasbooks.com Out of all the battles in WW2, this was one of the biggest! Can you guess which one it is?. Sponsored. FaceBook link to some more great comments: http://www.facebook.com/MLBaron#!/photo.php?fbid=1614343890350&set=a.1030636538031.2004776.1588891101&theater
Posted on June 20, 2011 Slideshow