CLASSIC CARS in Acushnet CLASSIC CARS in Acushnet 1964 Gas Crunch Limited Production of This T-Bird Dennis Clermont of New Bedford says only 90,000 of the 1964 Thunderbird models were made and less than 9,000 convertibles that year because of rising gas prices. 184002089 They Didn't Name It A Thunderbird For Nothing The Thunderbird was considered a step above the fledgling Mustang at the time with a powerful 390 cubic-inch engine "big-block" under the hood. 184002090 Classic Drive-In Movie Speakers 184002440 Inside a '64 T-Bird 184002441 1955 Thunderbird with a great story Everett Philla of Acushnet has owned his classic 1955 T-Bird since he was 14 years old. the car was a surprise birthday gift from his dad. There was one problem he recalled, "I had to wait 2 years to get behind the wheel before I finally got my driver's license. " Mr Pilla was the envy of his schoolmates at Fairhaven High School. "I drove it to school and everybody wanted a ride in the 2 seater. We were creative in packing as many passengers inside to go for a ride" Philla (FHS Class of'66) chuckled. 184002091 1954 Ford Skyliner This 1954 Ford Skyliner featured a large sunroof. The car is owned by Omer Deschamps of Acushnet 184002093 Ron Guadette and his wife Tina relax in front of their vintage 1954 Ford Pick-Up Truck. Ron Gaudette of Acushnet, wanted an old pick-up truck to run errands and do small chores. "I have a 1954 working antique pick-up truck, I've got the best of both worlds." he said. 184002094 A Rare Classic Joseph Cardoza of Acushnet has owned his cherished 1933 Pontiac "Straight-8" Convertible for over 40 years. This rare car also boasts a classic rumble seat. 184002098 1933 Pontiac "Straight 8" Covertible The car complete with original factory colors and pin stripes was from Acushnet and was garaged on Main St for many years until Mr Cardoza acquired it in 1974. 184002088 Ready To Rumble Joseph's long-time partner Pauline mentioned how easy it was to get into the rear seat but quite the task to get out of. Joe demonstrates how he climbs in the back seat. 184002096 No Time To Speed Up This vanity plate adds some humor to the rear bumper of this 1933 Pontiac Convertible. 184002095 A Work of Art The elegant hood ornament engraciates the hood of a 1933 Pontiac Classic Convertible 184002097 Vintage Traffic Jam A youngster glances of cars that were around probably before his parents. 184002099 1967 Firebird 184002430 1970 Chevy Malibu 184002431 Low Rider '54 Skyliner 184002432 Late Model corvette 184002433 Spotless Engine 184002434 1967 Buick Riviera 184002435 Late Model Corvette 184002436 Polishing Up 184002437 Checking out the Interior 184002438 GMC Classic with Bull Horns 184002442 Late Model Corvette 184002443