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Average daily mean: 32.2°F (departure: +0.3 deg.)
Average daily high: 38.5°F
Average daily low: 25.9°F
Month's high: 50°F on the 25th
Month's low: 13°F on the 7th
Days with low 32°F or below: 26
Days wit low 0°F or below: 0
Days with high 32°F of below: 1
Days with high 90°F or above: 0
Month's total: 4.03" (departure: +0.70")
Year's total: 7.16" (departure: -0.65")
Previous 12 months total (3/09 to 2/10): 61.39" (departure: +10.21")
Max. 24hr. total: 1.34" on 25th-26th
Days with 0.01" or more: 10
Days with 1.00" or more: 3
Month's snow: 9.3" (departure: -1.5")
Days with 0.1" or more: 6
Days with 6.0" or more: 1
Season's total: 35.2" (departure: +6.8")
Month's high: 30.28" on 2nd, 4th
Month's low: 28.72" on 26th
Days with thunder: 0
Days with fog: 4
Peak wind gust: 31 mph on the 24th
Heating degree days: 909, season: 4028 (last year: 4182)
Snow depth days: 51, season: 192 (last year: 131)
Average daily mean temperature: 31.5°F (departure: -0.7 deg.)
Season's high temperature: 60°F on December 3rd
Season's low temperature: 7°F on January 30
Precipitation: 13.78" (departure: +1.54")
Maximum 24 hr. precip.: 1.57" on January 17th-18th
Snowfall: 35.2" (departure: +7.3")
Days with thunder: 1
Days with fog: 12
Comments: Temperatures were close to normal this month in
Fairhaven with no real extremes either on the warm side or cold...
A series of storms the last week of the month brought the final
precip total just over the 4-inch mark.  Late on the 25th the barometer
dropped to 28.72", the lowest pressure reading since November 22, 2005
(28.67")...One significant snowfall event occurred this month.  On the
10th-11th 7 inches of heavy sticky snow weighed down tree branches
and utility lines.  Power outages were common throughout the area....
The 2009-2010 winter season was snowier and somewhat colder than average.
Dennis Bollea
Fairhaven, Mass., 2 miles east of New Bedford on Buzzards Bay
Latitude: 41 deg., 38 min. NORTH
Longitude: 70 deg., 53 min. WEST
Station elevation: 43 feet above sea level

 February 2010, the Month in review for Acushnet, MA

by Tom Carr WA1KDD


Hello All:
A bit warmer than normal February here in Acushnet with
above normal precipitation, but a little below normal for snowfall.

The month started on the breezy and cold side while the mid
Atlantic states got raked by a blizzard.  Our weather pretty much behaved
itself until the 10th. of the month when a light snow turned ugly and wet
and wind plastered everything into the night and wee morning hours. Much
tree damage and power outages in the area from a 6" wet snowfall that
stayed around for several weeks.

February ended with two windswept rain events that dumped
4.01" of precip. that included just a touch of snow, but caused some
river flooding and dam concerns. 


The February 25th. event dropped barometers off the wall to 28.70" before stalling around

Long Island and causing wind damage north of Boston and more

heavy snows inland and points south.

The Winter Season was near normal temperature-wise, but above
normal in precipitation and snowfall.

February 2010  Acushnet, Ma   41deg,44min N   70deg,55min W

Ave High               39.8 deg
Ave Low                25.1 deg
Feb Mean               32.5 deg is 1.3 Above Normal
High Temp              53 on Feb 20th. 
Low Temp               11 on Feb 7th.

Total Precip           5.24" is 1.38" Above Normal
Max 24 hr Precip       2.31" on Feb 23-24th.
Snowfall               8.1" is 1.7" Below Normal
Total 2010 Precip      8.96" is 0.77" Above Normal
Season Snowfall        35.6"   Dec - Feb is 8.5" Above Normal

T-Storm Days           0

High Wind Gust         31 mph on Feb 19th.

Heating Degree Days    916
Cooling Degree Days    0

High Barometer         30.31" on Feb 4th.
Low Barometer          28.70" on Feb  25th.

Winter (Dec Jan Feb) 2009 - 2010

Ave Temp               31.6 deg is 0.3 Below Normal
Total Precip           16.55" is 3.70" Above Normal
Total Snowfall         35.6" is 8.5" Above Normal 

Tom Carr



Let's remember February not for what we got,

but for what we didn't get. 


February 2010

   As most of the Northeast got buried in historical amounts of snow, and leaving millions in the dark from hurricane force winds, SouthCoast for the most part was spared the brunt of this enormous weather disaster. With the exception of two storms on the 10th and 25th. the month was relatively quiet.

Here's some numbers from WIWS for February: High temp 50. Low temp 15. Average temp 37.5.

The low barometer reading (a measurement typical in a Category 1 hurricane!) was 28.68 on Feb 25. Highest wind gust 47.4MPH at 9PM on Feb 10. Precip 4.10".

There were 20 cloudy, overcast days out of 28.

The Feb 10-‘10 Nor’Easter
elusive until  the last minute
by MLBaron

A rain/snow line right over us last Wednesday had local meteorologists on edge. After much hype, the Nor’easter that was predicted to dump a hefty 1-foot snow fall here never came into fruition. Many weather watchers scoffed at the meager storm system as it struggled to deliver even an inch of wet snow the whole day. As the evening progressed, it was very clear that this gale wasn’t going away quietly. The ominous low pressure, which bottomed out at 29.98 at 6:27PM indicated the arrival of an intense storm system.



Most of the snow accumulation stayed to the west until the freezing temps kicked in after 5:30PM with snowfall totals ranging from 2 to 10 inches. Locally, West Island received 6.3",  Fairhaven - 7", Acushnet - 6",  S.Dartmouth - 4" in less than 5 hours. 

This change-over (from rain to snow) type event proved to be fatal for hundreds of trees that succumbed to the weight of the heavy wet snow that pasted tree branches and strong winds. Many areas lost electricity. A few witnesses reported blue flashes in the night sky as power transformers blew out.  Wind gusts recorded at WIWS peaked at 47.4 MPH at around 9PM and 51MPH at Hyannis.

Most local weather instruments froze in place by 10:30PM. It took 15 hours for the gear to thaw out at WIWS.  For those who lost power, had trees come down or were stuck out in the elements that day, there’s no debate that the February 10-10 Nor’easter was indeed the most intense storm since the Dec. 19th Blizzard of ‘09.


High pressure kept us storm free
...but at a price
JANUARY 25, 2010


(ABOVE) A recent cold snap iced over this boat landing at the end of Bluepoint Rd., West Island within 36 hours. The 'Wind Chill Factor" doesn't matter to the owner of this skiff, which isn't paddling out anywhere soon. The boat and bay are frozen in place at West Island, MA. The last day day of January 2010. MLBaron/WIWS  photo


     What started off as a mild week during last Monday’s storm ended in a deep Arctic freeze. Record breaking low temperatures were delivered by high winds gusting up to 46.6 MPH out of the northwest Friday. By Saturday a low of 7.5 degrees was recorded at WIWS and the high never got above 21 degrees all day. Acushnet’s low was 5 above zero. The 15 to 20 below zero wind chills were brutal as wind gusts hardly let up all day Saturday.

    The shoreline around West Island and other exposed areas were iced over within 36 hours. The salt water ice may seem solid however it is very unstable and dangerous to venture on. It also constantly changes character with the high and low tidal cycle.  

An ocean storm may graze the immediate SouthCoast on Saturday but overall the weather patterns look quiet for the time being. This pattern is expected to continue but with modified temperatures reaching into the 30's.

(ABOVE) A recent cold snap iced over this West Island shoreline within 36 hours. WIWS photo

     Today mark’s the half-way point of Winter. The days are getting longer.  Spring is now 45 days away, which begins March 20th at 1:32PM EDT. Today’s sunshine is equivalent to daylight during the first week of November.

And yet another countdown reminder, we “spring-ahead” 1 hour Sunday, March 14.

A few have asked what does “POP” mean in the forecast. POP stands for “probability of precipitation”.





Average daily mean: 29.2°F (departure: -0.7 deg.)
Average daily high: 35.6°F
Average daily low: 22.7°F
Month's high: 53°F on the 25th
Month's low: 7°F on the 30th
Days with low 32°F or below: 29
Days wit low 0°F or below: 0
Days with high 32°F of below: 9
Days with high 90°F or above: 0
Month's total: 3.13" (departure: -1.35")
Year's total: 3.13" (departure: -1.35")
Previous 12 months total (2/09 to 1/10): 58.82" (departure: +11.44")
Max. 24hr. total: 1.57" on 17th-18th
Days with 0.01" or more: 10
Days with 1.00" or more: 1
Month's snow: 4.9" (departure: -5.8")
Days with 0.1" or more: 5
Days with 6.0" or more: 0
Season's total: 25.9" (departure: +8.3")
Month's high: 30.33" on 23rd
Month's low: 29.13" on 3rd
Days with thunder: 0
Days with fog: 4
Peak wind gust: 42 mph on the 18th
Heating degree days: 1106, season: 3119 (last year: 3269)
Snow depth days: 51, season: 141 (last year: 117)
Comments: Not much snow this January in Fairhaven.  Of the 4.9"
that fell all but 0.2" came on the first 4 days of the month.
This was the 5th January in a row with below normal snowfall....
Total precipitation was about 70% of normal.  1.79 inches came
in a 3-day period, the 17th through the 19th....Temperatures ended
up 0.7 degrees below average.  Two daily temp records were set, a
record high of 53°F on 25th and a record low of 7°F on the 30th.
Dennis Bollea N1WJI





Hello All:

     A somewhat colder, drier and less snowier than normal
January here in Acushnet

.  The snow came in the first few days of the
month and stayed late.  Some 6.7" slowly sublimated away till the rains of January 17-18th finished the job.  I was good to see it go after the snows of December.  Nothing over 42 degrees at this location until the 25th. when a warm 40mph windswept rainy afternoon fell some pine branches and gave
the heating system a rest.

    The warmth did not last long as an Artic front held day time
temps to only 21 on Jan. 29th. with winds gusting to 42 mph and more games of pick up sticks. It was only 5 degrees over bare ground the next morning.

January 2010   Acushnet, Ma
41deg,44min N   70deg,55min W

Ave High               36.9 deg
Ave Low                21.3 deg
Jan Mean               29.1 deg is 0.6 Below Normal
High Temp              56 on Jan 25th. 
Low Temp               5 on Jan 10th. & 30th.

Total Precip           3.72" is 0.61" Below Normal
Max 24 hr Precip       1.75" on Jan 17-18th.
Snowfall               6.5" is 3.4" Below Normal
Total 2010 Precip      3.72"
Season Snowfall        27.5"    Oct - Jan
Days 0 deg & Below      0

T-Storm Days           0

High Wind Gust         42 mph on Jan 29th.

Heating Degree Days    1122
Cooling Degree Days    0

High Barometer         30.33" on Jan 23nd.
Low Barometer          29.14" on Jan 3rd.

Tom Carr



January 25th Gale

brought in warmth from the South

     A mild spring like storm brought in temperatures above 55 degrees, on Monday, that’s 20 degrees above normal. Potent southeasterly gales pumped in the juicy tropical air from down south.



Rainfall measurements varied from .92" at WIWS to over 2" inland. The Barometer bottomed out at 29.24 at 6:34PM.  The high winds were persistent most of the afternoon with several gusts over 50MPH. The peak wind gust at WIWS was 55.2MPH at 5PM.


(Above: No flipping burgers today, just the grill. This heavy duty grill was no match with today's high wind gusts exceeding 55MPH.)


   There were a few bands of heavy tropical downpours especially when a last wave of energy transited the area around 7PM. More than half of West Island lost power including a few other isolated pockets elsewhere. Fairhaven had several reports of trees down including a few that completely blocked roadways.



(Above: A vessels bow always points towards the wind direction, especially when the winds exceed 50MPH. This West Island lobster boat rides out a mild January 25th gale)

  The causeway fared well at the high tide cycle around 3PM and remained passable throughout the storm event. The New Bedford-Fairhaven Hurricane barrier closed to marine traffic during the height of the gale.  

            More seasonal temperatures consistent with mid-winter arrives shortly with all eyes focusing on a possible snow event this weekend. The bottom line is, it’s going to get cold again, but cheer up, the spring countdown is now only 52 days away! (as of Jan 26, 2010)







The Wild Winter

Weather Continues into 2010!

JANUARY 3, 2010


    A powerful weekend storm system brought the Northeast to it’s knees once again with Maine taking the brunt of it. Like a young kid lost in a shopping mall, this storm had a confusing direction of travel actually retro-grading or coming in backwards. This rare but not unheard of maneuver threw area forecasters into making some chancy and challenging tough calls.

      If this was a classic Nor’Easter with the more familiar weather patterns it’s predictability would have been much easier. High wind gusts at West Island reached 39MPH making the wind chill go down to 5 below zero at times. The barometer bottomed out at 29.09 Sunday @12:37PM. This very low reading, equivalent to pressures from a minimal hurricane, reinforced just how powerful this storm was. The final local snow totals varied from 3.5" at the island to 5" inland in Fairhaven and New Bedford.

       Above normal high tide cycles from a full moon were already a threat even before the storm arrived.There were reports of some flooding making some roads briefly impassable in Plymouth and points north along the MA coast.

     A coastal low is expected to develop Friday (Jan 8)  bringing yet another potential snow storm event. And the next storm after that? You guessed it, maybe next weekend.

 This storm had much potential and energy to pack more of a punch than was actually delivered. It certainly commanded the respect it deserved by  meteorologists in the Northeast.

     For those who like snow, this might be your year. Almost 50% of The US has some kind of snow cover.There are indications that current weather patterns support multiple Nor’easters over the next few weeks.