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Rare February Thunderstorm

?What was that hail?? (Email to MLBaron from Beth David Friday night 950PM) Rare rogue Thunderstorm briefly pounds Southcoast Not only was the locals caught off guard, the National Weather Service is still scratching their head on this one. A rare February thunderstorm seemed to have perked up out of nowhere last Friday night. Residents were questioning each other about seeing flashes in the partially moonlit sky but couldn?t figure it out until the rumblings of thunder could be heard as the rogue storm came overhead without warning. The small but potent storm cell passed over Southcoast at over 60 MPH, bringing nickel sized hail, strong winds and vivid lightning. ?At 930 PM EST National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated a strong thunderstorm capable of producing 40 mph wind gusts and small hail 4 miles southwest of Dartmouth... or about 11 miles southwest of New Bedford... moving east at 60 mph? This quote was the extent of the warning just 10 minutes before impact from the National Weather Service. Just for the record other parts of the Northeast were impacted by this system with pockets of severe weather from CT to NH. A strong cold front ran into a warm moist air mass in which the contrast was extreme enough to create this brief but powerful storm event. . Storm stats from westislandweather.com: Friday, Feb 18 945PM, nickel size hail reported from the Causeway. High Wind Gust: 50 MPH at 940PM, Barometer 29.19 at 935PM, .08" Rain. Moonlit skies w/ broken overcast at 1045PM
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