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January 12, 2011 Stormy Weather

A collection of weather events and other pictures for the January 12, 2011 around the island. If the January 12 storm passed just 25 miles more to the east instead of transiting right over us and into Buzzards Bay, snow totals would have been far greater than the generally 6" reported in town. Heavy snow changed over to a rain mix as temperatures rose above freezing about 3AM dropping the accumulations dramatically. The milder temps briefly reached 37 degrees before falling back later in the morning. Local BPW plows were able to keep up with the snowfall and by daylight, most of the main roads were passable, even enough to ride a bike on the causeway. Cities and towns farther away from the rain snow line weren't so fortunate as some snow depths were measured by the foot in Ct and RI. The barometer fell to 29.06 at 857AM, as the storm center passed over head. The December 27th Blizzard fell to 28.66 in comparison. The wind gusted several times into the mid 40MPH range and reached 53MPH at 1120AM. Multiple rumblings of thunder, a rare occurrence in a winter storm, could be heard during the early morning hours indicating the storms intensity although no lightning damage was reported. The 2010-11 winter season is indeed off to a busy start as reported in the Nov 7th edition of FNN. We aren't even half way through this winter with spring a very distant 59 days away. Complete storm details can be accessed at westislandweather.com, The Weather Review Page. http://www.westislandweather.com/theweatherreview.htm
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