December 20, 2008 -Snow Storm December 20, 2008 -Snow Storm Blowin off steam Shelby and Silas go full throttle out back in the fresh snow. Silas an adopted pure bred Siberian Husky feels right at home running through the snow out back on West Island, Fairhaven,MA. His friends include Shelby an adopted Boxer mix and Sunny a yellow lab (he'll be 10 years old Jan 22.)The dogs were rescued and adopted by my daughter Brittany, who loves animals. (MLBaron photo) 20329525 West Island State Reservation This snowy path out back on the West Island State Reservation brings solitude. This is a classic signature of a departed old fashioned n'or easter. December 2008 marks the 20th Anniversary of SAVE WEST ISLAND'S success in keeping this space open to the public. The Winter Solstice arrived Sunday, December 21st at 7:04AM officially marking the beginning of what appears to be a stormy season ahead. The official first day of winter came in like a lion a day early as the area was blanketed with heavy wet tree-branch breaking snow. West Island received 4.75" while inland areas had measurements of over 9". The peak wind gust was 32 MPH at WIWS. After the storm a brief period of mild temperatures moved in Sunday giving cleanup crews time to plow the streets and shovel the sidewalks before temperatures dove later in the evening to the low twenties, freezing anything left on the ground. Windchill readings went to 10 above zero at times. Mondays below normal temperatures by about 10 degrees will modify during the week with rain Wednesday and mostly on and off rain showers through Saturday with temperatures nearing 50. (MLBaron photo) 20329526 Looking west down the Causeway The mailman is at the bottom of the hill as he makes his way up to the mail boxes for the last Saturday delivery before Christmas. December 20th storm brought close to 5" inches of snow the night before on the island. (MLBaron photo) 20329527 Standing Vigil A snowman stands vigil in front of the Veira home on West Island. Dec 20, 2008. 20329528 Aftermath-December 20th N'oreaster The West Island Weather station Tower is encrusted with snow and ice after ther December 20th storm. (See video section for movie clip.) Fairhaven: 9.2" (liquid: 0.97")Eastham: 6.5"W.Tisbury: 5.0"S.Plymouth: 10.0"E.Falmouth: 8.0"Wellfleet: 4.0"S.Sagamore: 4.5"Vineyard Haven: 6.0"S.Hyannis: 6.0" (LIQUID: 0.94") WEST ISLAND 4.75" (MLBaron photo) 20330603 Dec 20, 2008 Snow Holly Jo Lemieux @ Home on Balsam st 62305999